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Hi, I am Ali.

I write music about heartbreaks and heart makes. About the snowballs life throws at me, and the snowballs I throw back.

I base my lyrics around the real mishaps and marvels I catch myself entangled in every day. All I can hope is that other people can relate their equally important mishaps and marvels to mine. If I can have my songs mean something personal to someone (that is not just me), I promise I can keep this juice a’ flowing. I want to be that song you listen to when you are alone in your room or in your car, more than that song you put on a party play list to fit in with the cool kids at school.

I have enlisted the collaborative effort of my best friends- Timothy, Kyle, and Eliot. Aside from making strange but delicious pizzas, Timothy plays the bass, keys, guitar, and kazoo. Kyle makes breakfast (particularly pancakes), and also adds unique drum rhythms that often pin point my visions for the songs before I even realize it. As for Eliot...He does weird stuff. A bit of everything. That's about all I can say...

At this point in time, we are getting ready to release our first EP recorded at Open Doors Studio in North Hollywood. We are booking shows for the summer in hopes that we will be able to share some of our FEELINGS with you.

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Ali Coyle Timothy Craven Kyle Fierro Eliot Cossaboom
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This Time With FEELING
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Mission Viejo, CA