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"What not thy conscience whispers yell
That fearful hearts wish to dispel..."

In the dark days of Autumn 2008 began an exploration that turned into an odyssey. In the midst of a loss of personal clarity and identity and struggling to redefine one's self, it was decided that instead of trying to refuse that the darkness existed, it would be delved into, explored, accepted to attempt to understand. That quest was the beginning of Conscience Whispers.

We all have multifaceted souls. The depths of which we cannot possibly comprehend. Impulses...why...? Feelings of action and fear the source of which...somewhere... How can we understand? Most do what they can to avoid or ignore...whilest the pall is cast...from out of which light is scarce...and the soul... What would happen were we to embrace? Would we be consumed?

Darkness...is it not bad simply because it is dark? Misunderstood? The source or ourselves? Deeply...where...? Transient, but ubiquitous...invisible, yet all encompassing. A source of Source...Shadow source. Shadow selves. Shadow matter... Conscience whispers...Can you hear...?

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Michael Tucci - Guitar/Keyboards and other sounds
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Conscience Whispers
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Metal / Progressive / Hard Rock

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Marcus Hook, PA

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