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BIOGRAPHY FOR D.I.P. This Biography is Publicated in a Albanian Newspapper in Interview with D.I.P. Born and raised in Pogradec city, D.I.P. has become one of the best in the world of rap in Albania, and through the internet,is able to have his songs heard by many others who live outside. His hit song with Young J - Dhurata made him famous around the world, although no video was produced, the song was such a big hit that for a second time he decided that he would do Dhurata 2 with his long time friend MC-J. D.I.P. is a phenomenom sensational artist. Although rapping is a big part of his life, he also goes to school in Elbasan to become a Journalist. D.I.P. is also D.M.K's manager,as well as his best friend. D.I.P.'s currently working on more new hit songs most of them which have to do with his life, and where he is now. However, there are some, that as always---> are just songs for the making of it. ..

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