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Die without were formed in 2005 by Jim(vocals) Nick(drums) and John(guitars).The form of the band has never been stable. In the start the form was Nick(drums) Jim(vocals) John(guitars) Stam(bass) Chriss(guitars).Chriss left the band and his place was taken by stam as being a guitarist too,so Alex was taken for the bass. In the way the form was changed again due to an unfortunate accident that Stam had and his descision was to stop,so Panos was taken for the guitars. In the way John left the band too due to his job,Greg took his place for the guitars so the form till then was Jim Nick Alex Panos and Greg.

In a few months later Panos left the band and in a few weeks later Greg too,so we had to find at least one guy that would trully care about the band and try for the best of it.That guy was Theo,we knew that kid a long time ago but never had the chance of playing together,concidering that Theo is a very good guitar player as having seen him playing with Reptical blame and Descending we decided to pick him for the guitars and finally this is the form and where we are now.

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Band Members
Jim-Vox , Nick-Drums , Theo-Guitars , Alex-Bass
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Die Without
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Metal / Hardcore / Thrash

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Volos, GR