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One of Elena Vogt’s earliest childhood memories finds her at Carnegie Hall in New York City at age three, attending a performance of “Madame Butterfly” that was conducted by her famous grandfather, Vincent La Selva, a world renowned symphony and opera conductor who was knighted by the President of Italy. Two decades later, the multi-talented 22 year old vocal powerhouse is making her own mark in music, drawing on her dual passions for singing and dance/choreography to emerge with “Breathe Slow,” her highly anticipated debut on Dauman Music.

The infectious track, a dance revamp of British pop singer Alesha Dixon’s 2009 Top 5 UK hit, was produced by Adam Korbesmeyer and has been remixed thus far by Klubjumpers (Mariah Carey, Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears) and the L.A. based tandem of DJ Drew G and Brian Cua, both Billboard chart topping producers who have individually and collectively mixed songs for Ke$ha, Ludacris vs. Afrojack, Jason Derulo, Lady Gaga, Ashanti, Solange, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Deborah Cox, Mary J. Blige and David Archuleta. “Breathe Slow” has already received rave reviews from the editor of DJ Times Magazine. Elena has had two previous tracks remixed by Klubjumpers, “Taste of You” and “Heaven,” both of which became popular videos on YouTube.

A native of West Orange, New Jersey who grew up in and around NYC, Elena—who cites Christina, Britney, Whitney and Mariah as her chief vocal influences--has been building towards this breakthrough as a dance artist for a long time. As a young girl, she belted out Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” so often and so powerfully that her mother decided it was time for singing lessons—only the classical approach taken by Elena’s teachers didn’t fit the budding singer’s style. As she whimsically recalls, she “kept singing my favorite songs in the bathroom” and at 15, she began writing songs. Her beautiful pop ballad “All My Life” caught the attention of a writer from CNN and Fox TV and ultimately connected her to John Werking, a producer who worked with Donna Summer, ‘NSYNC and others. He professionally recorded Elena’s first songs, setting her on her distinct career path.

Passing up a full-ride volleyball scholarship from Polytechnic Institute of NYU to pursue music full time after graduating from a private high school, the singer joined ASCAP at 18 when her song “Dream About You”—which she penned at 16—received airplay on numerous smaller market terrestrial stations and internet radio. That song has also been a popular download on iTunes and has led her to have over 26,000 “Likes” on her Facebook artist page.

Elena’s track “Taste of You” has been featured regularly on Microsoft Windows Media Guide as a free download and was also picked as a featured song on the Heineken Ultimate Playlist for five consecutive weeks. It is also in heavy rotation on the licensed online radio station NRRradio.com (among other online outlets) and is being spun in nightclubs in U.S. cities like Cleveland (where the singer currently lives) and NYC and throughout Europe. Elena has also received an achievement award “Best of 100” for maintaining a spot in the Top 100 in Pop for one month on an MTV partner site. She has performed throughout her local region in New Jersey and was the only solo artist among 15 bands to perform at a Rock For Charity event in front of 2,000 people at Bristol Hall in England.

In addition to her famous grandfather Vincent—who was awarded the Handel Medallion by former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani--Elena’s rich family history includes roots that go back to Lord William Lovell of Minster-Lovell in England; Henry Clay Lovell, founder of the Town of Lovell in Wyoming; and her great great grandfather Charles Edward Childester, publisher and editor of the Massilion Evening Independent in Ohio. While carrying on the pioneering creative spirit of such ancestors through music—her hobbies besides music include drawing and painting--Elena is also passionate about various charitable causes.

Since her younger sister, now 15, was and diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, the singer has helped administer insulin shots, sometimes eleven times a day, for many years. Elena is using her musical career as a platform to bring attention to the disease and its innocent victims. Her goal is to create avenues to help raise awareness and funding for them. A lifelong dog lover, she came up with the concept of Dogs for Diabetes, which would allow people to randomly donate costly breeds of dogs to sell them--with all of the proceeds going to various diabetic foundations throughout the world.

“Looking back, I realize that everything fell into place for me for a reason, to lead me where I am today,” says Elena, who has come up with the name Hot Lips for the production company she plans to launch soon. “I like a lot of different styles of music, but because I am also a dancer and have loved dancing my whole life, I feel I can connect with the beats and grooves of dance songs even better than I can with pop ballads. Entering the dance music world has allowed my career to blossom in a whole new exciting way. I’m excited to see how things develop and there’s no greater feeling than walking into a club and hearing one of my songs. Honestly, I’ve never really stayed with anything in my life the way I have stuck with singing. It’s the one constant I can depend on and doing it, whether in the studio, onstage or just hanging out by myself, makes me feel complete.”

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