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Musical magnets for each other, this six piece punk rock band ignited in 2010. They sing to you all over the world but always return home to their roots in Austin, Texas, Nowherebound integrates traditional punk with rock and roll while weaving in threads of gritty country and folk.

Though the band now includes vocalist Christopher Klinck, guitarist Natchet Taylor, bassist Clint Baker, guitarist Dylan Karn, keyboardist and guitarist Chelsea Barbo and drummer Rob Williamson; the project initially started as a duo.

The winter of 2010 was an odd one in Austin. Unusual for the area, ice and snow were the landscape when Natchet and Klinck joined up to make music. The collaboration started as a side project for each musician (Natchet was working on a New Disaster album and Klinck a Born to Lose album). In the cold living room of Natchet’s early 20th century house in East Austin, “The Songs of Broken Men” was created. The songs had overtones of both loneliness and camaraderie, and were fueled by both caffeine and Lone Star Beer. The album was ultimately released in the spring of 2011.

In a hollowed out duplex full of bare walls and undeniable reverb, Nowherebound’s second album II was made. A double album, it includes both “Highway Gospels” and “Three, Two, One”. The majority of the pieces were written by Klinck. However, the duo was gifted with a third collaborator: Chelsea Barbo. Barbo became a great friend and co-conspirator with her humor and gorgeous annunciation and dangerously haunting voice.

Over many long days and even longer nights, the three pieced together the heartbreaking record. Two springs after the original Nowherebound album, II was released in 2013.

After a European mini-tour solidified the enthusiasm and stoke for the album, Klinck and Natchet started full blast into the production of “Mockingbirds”. The project was expanded to include a full line-up with a drummer and bassist and second guitarist. “Mockingbirds” was released in July 2014. Nowherebound started 2015 off right, landing on New Year’s Day on the continent to tour Europe.

Almost immediately upon finishing tour, “All We Got is Everything To Lose,” was written and recorded in Natchet Taylor’s home studio in the Spring of 2015 and was accompanied by another split 12″ release “Til Death, For Life”.

Nowherebound's fifth studio album "Hearts & Arrows" was touted on their IndieGoGo Campaign as being their greatest and most ambitious album to date. After a wildly successful fully fan-funded crowdfunding campaign, a grueling month of recording at Silverjacket Audio, an intense mixing and mastering session, and many late nights and early mornings of art and design; Nowherebound tries to make good on that statement by proudly presenting this 17 song offering for the summer of 2016. Clint Baker of Riddlin’ Kids fame joined on as bassist and also offered wonderful vocal touches. Following on the heels of last year's softer offering "All We Got is Everything to Lose", Nowherebound's "Hearts & Arrows" is a much harder, straight-up punk rock record. It's loud, it's big, it's huge yet still manages to incorporate the familiar anthemic punk-folk elements that have defined Nowherebound's sound over the last 6 years.

Nowherebound wrapped up a September 2016 European tour and are planning on returning to Europe June 2017. Check out DrunkenShipRecords.com for more information.

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Christopher Klinck -Vocals, Guitar, Natchet Taylor - Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Vocals, Aaron Kemkaran - Percussion, Banjo, Bass, Vocals
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Punk / Folk / Irish

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Austin, TX

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