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Musician born in Porto. Worked in “Três Tristes Tigres” from “Partes Sensíveis”, “Guia Espiritual” considered best album and best band of the year on the music mag. " Blitz" in 1996, to “Comum”1998. “La Imagen Frágil” (Barcelona) installation “Señor Estupor”, of the photografer Javier Díaz. In CCB and Rivoli Teatro Municipal performed “Ferida Consentida”, based on the book “Um Beijo Dado Mais Tarde”, of Maria Gabriela Llansol. Was co-founder of the Portuguese group “GNR”. In dance, works among others, with the choreographer Né Barros. Has composed music for “Vooum”(1999), “No Fly Zone”(2000), “exo”(2001), “Vaga” (2003) and Dia Maior (2005), "Movimentantes" 2007 and "Segundo plano" 2008 In cinema worked, among others,with the director João Canijo composing the music for “Sapatos Pretos” (1998), “Ganhar a Vida” (2000) e “Noite Escura” (2004),the last two presented at Cannes Festival. In 2008 works with Director Maria Hengge composing music for short movie "Last Bus".Three soundtracks with the company " Teatro Bruto". In 2008, with "Teatro do Campo Alegre " "As mãos de Lenz " from the book of Gonçalo M. Tavares, and a live perfomance with Alberto Magassela and visual artist António Jorge Gonçalves about the book " Os Maias " from the writer Eça de Queirós.
In 2009 and 2010 collaborated with actress Maria Hengge from Germany, video artist Mirco Mastropasqua, in “ The William Blake session ” in Wien, and Né Barros, choreographer in “ Story case ” and “ A Praça ” in live performance.
- In 2011 I’ll continue the collaborations, and develop my main project now, “ Osso Vaidoso ” is the name of the musical project with the singer and performer Ana Deus (the same as in Três tristes tigres). It’s a guitar and voice thing. Experimental sometimes, informal most of the time.
We’ve been composing, playing live, and now we’re into recording, so will have some tracks out, soon.

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