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In 2002, an unlikely duo would meet for the first time. Dustin Huff and Joaquin Gonzales, who lived just miles apart in two small towns in Northern Colorado, shared a dream to combine true to life thought provoking lyrics with the best underground music in the world. The two young teens were battling drug addiction, gangs, and spiritual mystification. Huff N Keen, as they would come to be known, started out as just two emcees that, acting on the encouragement of friends and acquaintances, took what had been a way to express themselves and made it a goal to dominate in the world of Hip-Hop. Pioneering a new style which they have dubbed Soul-Hop, with inspired lyrical content and drawing from Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Dub-Step rhythms, Huff N Keen have fought and earned the right to call themselves one of Colorado’s Elite Acts. Using true to life and straight from the soul lyrical content combined with backbeats that the pair create themselves, they have begun to open the minds of Hip Hop and Rap fans everywhere. Changing music and sharing their love of life with fans has become an all-consuming passion for this remarkable pair; and even though “Life could be like heaven or life could be like hell” to quote an early lyric, Huff n' Keen continue to produce songs and music for the world to enjoy and continually perform at the highest level and have gained respect for the unseen levels of energy created by the soul hop duo. The "Godfather's of Soul HOP", are able to perform their craft with a wide array bands and Dj’s of other genres’ enhancing their ability to transcend “rap” stereotypes, and enable them to conjoin groups and artists on shows and festivals.
Huff n Keen have played shows with Method Man and Redman, Zion-I, Rhazel the Beat Boxer, Bubba Sparxxx, Ying-Yang Twins, Strange Music, Lil’ Flip, Krooked Drivers, Wasteland Hop.

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Dustin Huff, Joaquin Gonzales
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Huff n Keen
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Hip Hop / Electro / Lyrical

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Fort Collins, CO
Cortney Marks