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Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Andrew’s love for music was evident at the age of 2. At 13 years old, he began playing guitar with a little help from his father, Eric. As an old time hippie who had even jammed with the likes of Joey Walsh from The Eagles, Eric knew exactly what direction he wanted his son to bend towards. Music from artists such Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd and Hendrix was his forte’. Andrew on the other hand at that time listened to artists like Pearl Jam and Nirvana. Andrew began to study 6 and 7-string classical guitar as well as piano in which Chopin and Bach were the main forces. In fact, Andrew so took to Chopin’s music that he composed 6 Nocturnes for Solo Guitar. Andrew was always acutely enamored with the great masters even to this day.
Andrew Moses’ latest releases include "Hope, Peace, and Discord: A Homage to Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds', “Solo Piano: 24 Preludes”, “Trichomes”, and “Timeless Guitar and Piano Classics”.
"Hope, Peace and Discord: A Homage to Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds" features acoustic guitar arrangements with vocal accompaniment. The collection was written to pay homage to the soaring melodic falsetto vocal lines of Dave Matthews and the genius double picking guitar style of Tim Reynolds. This newest release captures an intimate and well-versed stylistic and musical approach to composition.
"Solo Piano: 24 Preludes" is an improvised study of the piano recorded as a demonstration of the value of music theory and improvisation created for Moses’ students. As described by the title, this is a collection of 24 short original piano solos. One piece was recorded for each major and minor key signature.
“Trichomes” includes songs such as “A Wonderful Way to Die”, “Trichomes III: Amber” and “The Wayside” that which highlight Andrew's extraordinary guitar genius and arrangement style. Each song carries a unique aura. They grasp a segment of Andrew’s inner-soul, his thoughts, his emotions, and his dreams. One common denominator is the emotional flow of these songs. His acoustic guitar playing is second to no one. His music is raw, deep, introspective, and thought provoking. Audiences journey through his emotional drama along with him. If the talent is there, vocals and acoustic guitar accompaniment can be an innately powerful combination. Andrew Moses reaches the depth of this talent with ease and grace.
“Timeless Guitar and Piano Classics” is as the title describes. This CD contains Chopin’s Nocturne in e minor, opus 72 no.1 along with other great masterpieces from other great composers. Andrew exhibits the most beautiful interpretation of these classics. Bravo to Moses for bringing these classical pieces back to the forefront.
Andrew’s complete discography includes:
• "Hope, Peace and Discord: A Homage to Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds” (6/4/14)
• "Solo Piano: 24 Preludes" (1/31/14)
• "Trichomes” (10/31/12)
• “Timeless Guitar and Piano Classics” (10/15/12)
• “When Pigs Fly: A Tribute To The Mark of Pink Floyd” (11/4/11)
• “Mosely” (4/20/11)
• “Remnants” (1/31/11)
• “Complete Classical Guitar Solos 2000-2005” (1/31/11)
The accumulation of works is available through all major digital storefronts including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody, Emusic, and Napster:
Andrew Moses has also published his music through Melbay Publishing in 2006. Sheet music for his “6 Nocturnes” can be found in:
"Melbay’s Master Anthology of New Classic Guitar Solos Vol. 1”.

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Andrew Moses: 6 and 7-string Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, and Vocals
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Andrew Moses
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