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Born and raised in Memphis,Tn as Leslie Grady,Oro Munroe or OM as she now perfers to be called always felt out of place agmonst her peers and family. Raised as an only child to a single mother,who later remarried after her birth father abandoned them, life became boring and lonesome, and as the saying goes, "Idle hands are the devil's playground." She was an "A" and "B" student who often recieved bad conduct marks for excessive talking and her sometimes awkward behavior. Frequently on punishment with no tv or phone privileges she turned to her only outlet MUSIC which was something she enjoyed since the beginning of her early life. She would sit for hours and write notebooks full of raps and battle other young rappers in the cafeteria at her school. At this point she began to meet other young rappers like herself one in particular named Freestlye,now known as Cool Courtney, they immediately hit it off and became good friends. A bond that would later pay off as she joined his rap coalition known as BPG in 2010. With such influences as Micheal Jackson,Al Green,EVE, PINK, and Linkin Park her style has always been quite versatile. She is currently working on new music and branching into new promotional efforts.

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Rameriz Cole