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It can only be described as presence.
From the moment he takes the stage there's a heightened anticipation--a breathless moment of expectation and excitement. He is an imposing figure, but he doesn't throw his weight around. As he grips the microphone, some members of the audience close their eyes; bob their heads to his rhythmic delivery. From places unknown, he weaves tales of street dreams, loss,
struggle, survival and, at the end of it all, a particular brand of hope that sustains listeners who often feel lost in a sea of hopelessness. Those who know his music, know that this is Hip-Hop. His fans (male and female alike) wave their hands in the air in expressive appreciation. Like willing acolytes, they await his anointing. But he will not play false prophet for their entertainment. His testimony is ground out over hard-hitting beats and not-so-subtle nuance. The crowd sways in unison as if one body, one mind. He is the tie that binds them all. Conflicted and imperfect, he easily represents the
confusions of truth as well as the responsibilities of enlightenment. They feel the authenticity of his words as potently they see the raw honesty in his eyes. He is Fat Rat Da Czar. And his presence is felt.

The CASHionista, 2007
"You can pay us now, or you can pay us later, but you WILL pay..."~G.M.

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