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I am Ikeem j Johnson Sr I'm A Artist / Artist Developer / Engineer/C.E.O. of Family Affair M.G /And Manager Of Promotions At P-Shaw Production.... I've Been Doing Music For The Last 12 Years I'm A Hip-Hop Junkie And I Love Music With My Whole Heart ....I Also Been Working With Other Artist In The Industry....So My Music Is Well Known Threw Out My City And Other States ... I Have A Large Catalog Of Music In Every Area From Pop/R&B, Hip-Hop , Rap And Wat Ever Else That Ppl May Listen To ....Music Is My Drive My Passion My Heart.....I'm Very Loyal To My Supporters And My Fans ...With Out Them Theirs No Me And I All So Do What I Do For All The Artist That Don't Get A Fair Chance At Getting They Music Heard And That's The Reason For Me Starting My Own Label (FamilyaffairMG) My Partners And I (David A Bookman) Of BDPromotion And (P-Shaw) Of Pshaw Productions ...We Came Together To Build The First Indie Lable In The Philly That Can Stand With The Major Lables That's Already In The Industry ... Grow Up In West Philly Rasied In Sommerville....I Was In To Music Since A Youngin....Lovin The Underground Music With My Heart Rappers Like Biggie Pac Dmx Busta Rhymes Camron And The List Goes On ....I Do This Cuz Its In My Blood ...Eveybody Want A Check From This Rap Shit ...But Me I Want The Check And The Respect As A Real Mc.....Grindin Hard For His....Fwd: We Are Trying To Create A Movement Of Unity...We Also Are Trying To Give Back To Music ..What Music Been Missing For The Last Couple Years .... There's No more Meaning No More Respect And It's Time For Change
FamilyAffairMG Is The Label
#Wearehere Is The Movement

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mac and rex jabb trag
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J-Bro D
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Hip Hop / R&B / rap and r&b

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Philadelphia, PA

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