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In many ways West Coast music has become as stark as the opening scene of an old western film, post-Gold Rush era, complete with rolling tumbleweeds. Sparse street corners have replaced abandoned saloons. Abandoned six-fours have taken the place of lone horses in the plot line of L.A. music. Cross-cut, and enter G.N.T, the acronym for the group, “Gangsta Nation Trues,” founded by rap veteran of the maverick gangster rap group South Central Cartel, Big Prodeje in 2006. Although they are not riding in on the contrived white horse of old western films to save the day, the group’s debut album, “Get On Top,” is definitely poising itself to breathe some life back into an abandoned script, once known as West Coast music.
“Get On Top,” is saturated with a variety of tracks that, for lack of a better word, simply have swagg—straight up. From the opening track “Ball Like a Ballplaya,” to the West Coast anthem “Kali Dreamz,” G.N.T brings together components that are missing from much of today’s music—banging tracks, that features those “feel-good” elements that characterize the West Coast sound, and blends it with substantial lyrics, to create songs that have substance. Cali Pitts shines throughout the album, and G.N.T members: JayDee, Micc Multiee, Daddy D and Weezy Wes are definitely quality lyricists as well. It is clear that their goal and vision of “bringing quality music back to the West coast scene and representing all of West coast life,” is one that has been thoroughly articulated and achieved through the release of “Get On Top.” What is brilliant about G.N.T’s debut album is its sense of balance—the album doesn’t candy-coat, or dumb-down its content for the masses; nor, does it have that burdensome feeling, sometimes characteristic of street records—it simply is a quality record, from start to finish, that speaks to a wide-range of topics, in a real way, and does it to a beat that you can bob your head, or grind to.

G.N.T’s debut album, “Get On Top,” is slated for release in October 2011. The first single, “Clap Your Hustle Handz,” has been leaked, and has been well received.

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