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My name is Raine Carosin and I am an artist of sorts. PS: IF YOU WANT TO COVER ANY OF THESE SONGS, JUST ASK... NO PROBLEM... I DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO A STUDIO OR OTHER PROFESSIONAL STUFF and I don't do my thing for money, but that was way back then, and since yesterday (2.9.2014) I joined BANDCAMP (http://rainecarosintronada.bandcamp.com/music) to try to make ends meet .... I love writing poetry and adding a melody to the words that have captured an emotion or idea. I also love to paint, my favourite being animals, tigers in particular. I love the paranormal and the unexplained; true stories and animals. I have also tried my hand at writing a book, but that is still an incomplete work. I'm happily married with no children and we aren't allowed to keep pets in our building. I'm in my late forties and have had no formal study of music and art, although it once was on my list of "to do" things. I am trying to teach myself to play the keyboard, and my guitar is just basic. I do hope that you will be able to enjoy my music, even though it is not state of the art. I truly believe that we all can enjoy our gifts together, and expand our horizons from our homes. I don't mind communication - in fact, I welcome communication and believe it is the key to success. I'd like to write songs professionally and would welcome the opportunity to work in a real studio. Well, enjoy and have fun. http://soundcloud.com/pierreandraine PS I have espied this box on the right hand side of my profile (on my space) which says: "Bring Raine to ..." and right up ahead I must let you know that I'm terrified of crowds, I'm totally paranoid: I believe the world out there is scary and I don't want to go to a venue and worry about how everybody else is doing getting there, so, the solution is simple: get your favourite snacks and drinks, make yourself comfortable and then be entertained in the safety and comfort of your own home... I've heard that it's really bad in some countries where you don't even want to stop for a police car because of the corruption of the powers that be... Anyways, there's always skype and videos and I would just feel better if I knew every one was warm and safe at home... :-} Teamed up with Graeme Robertson (Vortexia) to form the duo TRONADA... Enjoy... :-} By the way, I don't do facebook or twitter... sorry... just google "raine carosin" and i'm "there"... sorry :-\ but communicate anyway! :-}) IMPORTANT UPDATE: 15.9.2014 - I suppose I could say that I sold out, but in reality, I had to make some serious changes in my outlook upon life: I'm getting older and no one lives forever on one plane, and if I hit hard times, which we all know just happen unexpectedly, I don't want to make decisions on which guitar to sell first or what piece of equipment I can do without to keep myself alive... I'm not doing this so that I can get rich from my fans, but rather to collect royalties from monetised plays on radio or the WWW... plus, I have the added comfort of knowing that any covers I do, that those bands are getting their royalties... Plus I have that peace of mind that seventy years after my departure from this realm, that according to my will, the nieces and nephews of my nomination will receive those royalties in a trust fund... So, even though I may feel like a "sell-out" on some rough days, on the better days I know I have done a sensible thing... Hope you all understand! Warmest wishes and thank you again for all your support!!! Any questions? Do write and ask, or just consult the oracle engines... LOL!!!! :-} You can have a look at what I do on the WWW Walk - http://rcarosin.webs.com/

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just me, my guitars and the keyboard... and hopefully the pc is working....!!!! (PS Have formed a duo called TRONADA, with Graeme Robertson (VORTEXIA)...
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Raine Carosin
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Singer Songwriter / Experimental / Folky

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Germiston, GP, ZA

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