Brooklyn, NY hip-hop artist City The Great, aka Ronald Dixon was raised in a single parent home. At the
tender age of 9, this passionate young hip-hop rising star penned his first song titled "F@#k School".
City’s passion for the hip-hop game was driven by the lack of stability he experienced early on in life,
constantly being shuffled from location to location.
After the death of his father at the age of 11 and a near brush with death himself, City experienced
anguish once again as his mother fell ill. Watching her go in and out of the hospital while having to care
for his younger sibling was definitely a lot of pressure for a young man. City used the fear, hurt and rage
that he endured as passion and it fueled his pen. He found himself writing vigorously every day.
As a teenager, City began to take his craft more seriously. He began by hosting various hip-hop battle
ciphers and won time and again, whether in the school cafeteria, or on the corner block. City released
his first CD titled "The Journal". He was referred to as "Ill Dramatic" by his peers due to his Nas-like
lyrical picture-painting ability.
His grind granted him direct access to the nuances of the music industry, and City realized that route
was not for him. City decided instead to pursue the Indie Music path. He released various mixtapes
online, constantly participated in showcases, contests and shows as well as took interviews to promote
his music and brand. As a result, various business sorts globally took notice of City after connecting with
Certified Hitz Music Group's Founder DJ Bad and Philadelphia underground Producer Mizzy Beatz to
release their mixtape "Reloaded". This release went viral with 50,000 downloads in a matter of hours.
The next project with DJ Bad entitled "Carry The Casket" topped his last record with 109,981 downloads
the first week and continued to stand firm at 3rd place for top 100 mixtapes of the month, even beating
out Meek Millz Dream Chasers 3 mixtape. City's continued overseas buzz allowed him to link up with
promoter Jinxy Music and a historical partnership was forged. The pair linked up with Charlie Brown of
LESFLO Entertainment and began recording there with young upcoming producer Pluto who was also
interning with Grammy award winning producer Buck3000 at the time. Eventually, through these
relationships and exposure, his buzz caught the attention of hip-hop alumni Special Ed. Impressed by
City's talent, Ed made City his focus to sign as his first artist (besides himself) on his label SEMI Records.
Preparing to take the music industry by storm, these days you will find City performing, constantly
creating and honing his craft to the finest degree as he continues to climb toward his ultimate goal;
reaching the masses through his story telling and bringing the true elements of hip-hop back to the

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