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:: Separating themselves from the conventional rock sound of their local peers and cookie-cutter mainstream music video channel icons, Groove Manifesto involves their listeners in a head-on collision of hip-hop, funk, blues, and rock, with lyrically-driven messages of hope, struggle, prevail, and opinionated awareness of the way things are. Having formed in late December of 2006 in Lexington, Ky., the band pushes to be heard and seen, while delivering a sound that calls upon their influences of the past and present., and hopes to make it a sound of the future. Started by a phone call from guitarist Ben Nehring to lyricist Jason Shepard, the two began to toss around ideas, the concept of what the band should be about, and what they wanted to accomplish with this sound. They didn’t have to look any further than Jason’s brother, Danny, for bass reinforcement, as he provided a backbone, bringing the element of funk to add to the blueprint of their structure. Through a mutual friend, Chris Robinson was contacted and asked to join the band to add his rhythmic, thundering beats to their feel-good, unorthodox concoction. In 2011, drummer Zack Hubbard entered the Groove camp in replacement of Chris Robinson after his departure. Lyricist and front man Jason Shepard tackles issues ranging from personal and worldly struggles and lack of originality and creativity in current music to love gone wrong and love hoping to go right. The band will tell you that they’re influenced by a hodgepodge of artists; From Hendrix’s wailing blues rock, Wu-Tang Clan’s grimy lyrical delivery, the funk/dance bass oriented grooves of Jamiroquai and Duran Duran, the energetic stage presence of Rage Against The Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers, all wrapped up and sealed with the attitude of James Brown. The list goes on, as they are constantly finding new inspiration from what’s left of the original musicians and artists of today. Groove Manifesto will continue to stand out and stand behind what they do and what they represent, despite the pressures of a marketable, carbon-copy laden music industry.::

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Jason Shepard (Knowledge)-lead vocals/lyricist, Ben Nehring-guitar/vocals, Danny Shepard-bass, Chris Robinson-drums(2007-2011), Zack Hubbard-drums (2011-)
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Groove Manifesto
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Indie / Funk / Hip Hop

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Lexington, KY