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When Chris Howdyshell heard there was a super volcano underneath Yellowstone National Park that could explode any second, he figured it was time to amass the most talented group of dish-washing, bowl-licking, flea-collar-biting scalawags he could find. So, from the ashes of the Red River Rollercoaster rises a new breed of animal: The Dish Dog. With his ultra-experienced right-hand-man Doug Pitts crunking away on electric guitar, Chris searched open mics high and low and discovered Josh Vana and Michael Bowman hiding in the shadows of the mangy little grill. From the ape planet Funk Escape comes Kyle with the low end and suddenly there was 5. If only there was some sort of cohesion to glue this troop together...from the recently removed mountain tops arose the radical Lara Mack, with Tambourine in hand the band was newly formed. There it is folks, singing our way through the ashes of the past and maybe a few from Yellowstone, we are ready to play.

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Band Members
Chris, Michael, Doug,Josh,Kyle,Lara
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The Dish Dogs
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Country / Americana / Blues

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Harrisonburg, VA