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HEL was founded in the year 1994 by VALDR, and belongs to one of the first German Metal bands dealing with mythologic themes in their lyrics and music. In 1997 SKALDIR joined HEL and after two demos, the first album ORLOEG was released in 1999. Unlike other bands HEL always took a lot of time between all releases and didn't care for any commercial trends and movements. 2004 the 10' Album PAGAN MIDGARD ART was Hel's first release after a long time.
Following in 2005 was FALLAND VÖRANDI which is up to now HELs most complex and time-consuming album. It's a concept album that deals with "The death of Balder".
After the release HEL arranged to turn into another direction and with TRISTHEIM an all acoustic album followed in 2007. TRISTHEIM is very different to the other abums and doesn't deal with mythological themes as the album has a very personal manner. HAMAR, who had a strong input on TRISTHEIM, was announced as a new band member.
The next album is currently recorded and will show HEL in the metal armour of electric guitars and drums again.

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Skaldir - Vocals/Guitar/Keyboard, Valdr - Guitar/Voice, Hamar - Bass/Vocals
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Metal / Pagan Metal / Viking Metal

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Düsseldorf, DE

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