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I was born in West Africa (Ghana) I migrated to Canada in 1985 and currently reside there. I endured a troubled childhood and adolescence before achieving success in the fitness industry. I was separated from my parents at an early age as they set out to pursue a new life for the family in Canada. I did not have the opportunity to establish a relationship with my parents during early childhood as I was ten years old before I finally joined them. Unable to speak English, I struggled to adjust to life on a different continent with unfamiliar cultures. My education suffered as I attempted to master a new language and despite showing a flair for writing, I was unable to attain the required standards. Efforts to support my learning proved detrimental to my self esteem and I became increasingly despondent. I watched my peers progress as I was made to repeat grades and felt out of place when moved to a special educational class. As my motivation and self-worth plummeted, my behavior deteriorated and I eventually left High School without graduating.

As relations at home deteriorated as well, life went into a downward spiral and I found myself living a very troubled life on the streets. The passing of some close friends triggered my lowest period when I was incarcerated on more than one occasion. My lifestyle was becoming increasingly dangerous and my future fraught with uncertainty. It was at this point that crucially I crossed paths with a friend who introduced me to art of bodybuilding. Initially I benefited from the stress release factor of keeping fit but as I continued to participate my ability and determination to succeed grew. As I became competitive in the fitness industry I dominated the art of body posing. My expertise in human sculpture posing has seen my image captured by many acclaimed photographers around the world.

Music is part of my creation and its something that I believe we all have within us. Let your truest talent shine and always be blessed!

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