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creating sound impressions full of atmosphere aiming to paint images in your head. We compose for film, we explore new ways of free improvisation. Versuchsanordnung is an ongoing journey to the core of music itself, and it's possibilities of expression (listen to 31 completely different pieces).

Versuchsanordnung (German for: experimental arrangement) stands for research on tones, molecular geometries of sound, destillates of incidental tonal sounds, be it in the form of compositions or pure improvisation – live and on CD.

• “Versuchsanordnung“ means (in terms of the understanding of experimental science) a methodical arrangement of [variable] conditions for the sake of their observation.

• Film makers are always welcome to work with us!

• Next to Joerg Steineck’s film “Rememo“ (featuring music by Versuchsanordnung) more films by Joerg Steineck are currently in the planning phase, including a documentary about Versuchsanordnung itself.
Recent work for Mr Steineck was some filmathmos for "LoSound Desert" - a film about desert rock bands.

• The independent movie “Balkonien“ (by Nadine Heinze and Marc Dietschreit) next to music composed by Xavier Fischer also features two pieces of Versuchsandordnung–the title song of the movie, “Makabimaus“, and “Joe Dallesandro“.

German Version:

• Versuchsanordnung – Das ist Forschung an Tönen, Molekülgeometrien aus Sound, Destillate spontaner Klangereignisse, mal in Form von Kompositionen, mal als reine Improvisationen – live und auf CD (siehe Blog).

• Versuchsanordnung erzeugt stimmungsvolle Klangbilder und malt Bilder in euren Köpfen.

• Versuchanordnung komponiert (auch) Musik für Filme.

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Christian Barthold, Christoph Uhlhaas, Markus Blatzheim, Martin Schubert (on CD: Drums by Jörg Düpjohann)
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Jazz / Film Noir / New ways of Improvisation / journey to the core of music

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Köln, NW, DE
Christian Barthold

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