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The Beverly Hellbillies came into being in the summer of 2009. Founder members Lee and Holly needed to find something to do other than setting fire to tramps and stealing their liquor. Having sat and written a few cracking song, including the totally non famous Jeremy Kyle they embarked on a mission to find a drummer. This proved to be a massive pain in the arse and so we gave up and settled on Ben. In 2010 the Hellbillies enjoyed their first year of gigging, playing with some really cool bands and making some new friends along the way. In January of 2011 Ben announced he would be leaving the Hellbillies for a career giving handjobs to sailors. Luckily we were not drummerless for too long, and along came Spenny. Spenny having bashed skins for many a year in far to many bands to mention and currently also providing beats for the very excellent Exterritus, has bought a new energy, power and speed to the Hellbillies sound. Soon after the Hellbillies entered the studio, the result of which was our blinding 7 track CD, Google Goatse. Gigging to place throughout 2011 with some very excellent bands and we made some lovely new friends along the way. As 2012 commences we look forward to more gigging, drinking and general stupidity and sharing the stage with our rather smashing new Hellbilly, Joe who has come aboard to melt your ear drums with his supreme axe mastery. Anyone wishing to give us a gig or two then please contact Lee either on here, at thebeverlyhellbillies@hotmail.co.uk or by ringing 07920465241.

The Beverly Hellbillies are a punk rock band from the east of england. The Hellbillies sound is similar to the noises you would expect to hear if The Ramones were having sex with The Muffs. Our songs cover a range of topics but are pretty much about the things in life that piss us off most such as celeb culture, daytime TV, homophobia and we dont like ism's, i.e. Rascism, fascism, sexism, but Lee likes Jism.

Band Member Bio's

Holly: Guitar/Vocals: Holly was born to play guitar for the Hellbillies, literally. Holly was playing guitar while doctors were still wiping the sweat from her mothers forehead. This has been put down to an extremely high Midichlorian count, which would also explain her ability to force choke Lee when she is in a bad mood. Gifted with the voice of an angel, she is the more melodic vocal section of the band.

Lee: Bass/Vocals: In the almost 20 years that Lee has been playing Bass you would have expected that this would be something he has gotten pretty good at.., well sadly that is not the case. This could in some way be put down to the fact that Lee is infact a career alcoholic. Having previously beaten the Bass for now defunct Combat Shock, Lee is no stranger to playing drunken, sloppy punk rock shows. Lee is the less melodic vocal part of the band, allowing him to really emphasise his dislike for pretty much everything.

Spenny: Drums: Spenny is a drummer of biblical proportions, in that he is very much like Samson, all his power comes from his hair. A shaved head would result in an inability to tap out a rythm on a baked bean tin. But while his locks flow in the wind like some ageing Timotei model he continues to provide a God-like thunder behind a drum kit. All kneel and worship before the awesome might of Spenny!

Joe is the newest Hellbilly. Needing an outlet for his monumental 6 string molesting skills, the sensible option was to join the only band capable of handling such mighty talent. When they turned him down he made do with The Beverly Hellbillies instead. Joe's kidneys may be young and healthy but a year on the road with The Hellbillies should see him on dialysis in no time.

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Holly-Guitar/Vocals, Lee-Bass/Vocals, Joe-Guitar Spenny-Drums
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The Beverly Hellbillies
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Wisbech, CAM, UK