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Hello my name is Jamie Brown also go by JAY aka ANGRYMONK. I am from a crew called ILL Methods, Dezert Banditz and my main ambition is with 'Pinky Think Music'. I'm from Bloomfield, Huerfano aka Carson, and Farmington, NM. So you better ask somebody. Right now I'm in the works of my new album "Gutzilla tha Iron Chief" (2013). I released "Monk Noize" (2012) and "JusMe&MyLife" (2011) and my first album fully unwritten released April 11,2010 "I Pinky Swear" (2010). Thru my years I grew from the name Jay as a solo artist to help est. the crew iLL Methods, which is now stronger than ever. Angrymonk is an alias I use cuz I'm a beast within my own flesh waitin' to smack someone wit real unwritten lyrics. A.M. is a wake up call to my self, as this person I speak reality expression which I lived and seen wit tru blunt brutal force.

My name is Mannytracks aka TRACKS aka traintracks. I am the producer/engineer of the operation. I stem from the group 4-elbow productions (wazup my brothas) which is my foundation and now evolved in music to create this project. Together we argue and configure music to enhance the brains cells. We both put forth the effort to build Pinky Think Music. Drinkin' beers at the crack of dawn to bang out beats and tracks at dusk. By lights out we hangin out on avenues handin' out pinky swears. So "WE PINKY SWEAR"

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