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Dmitry Nechaev ['dmitri nəˈt∫a:jev] was born in Moscow, Russia in October 29, 1987. At the age of 11 he joins fashion industry. Participating in photo sessions for the world‘s leading fashion magazines, being featured in TV adverts and mastering the runway step by step he gains a status of an international fashion model.

Growing up surrounded by greatest bands of 70's and 80's determines his art taste and musical preferences, not as much the Glam part rather from the perspective of attitude and culture. When some time later being greatly inspired by a talented Japanese art-musician Akira Yamaoka, Dmitry takes up a challenge to create something of his own. But not only music hits the key - he defines lyrics to convey the essential message of every composition he carries out. Hooked up with a perceptive tune each one is meant to bring in a symbiosis of philosophy and sound psychology aiming to reflect, in the most peculiar way, the inside world of a human being.

On December 13, 2008 Dmitry Nechaev wins the award of the “Best Vocalist of Year “, and is invited to participate in a number of local shows. Among those was the Moscow Charity Concert held on April 18, 2009, all collected means from which were transferred on the purchase of surgical equipment for Morozovsky children‘s hospital.

In May 2009 Dmitry receives an offer from Quickstar Productions to take part in the Rock 4 Life International vol. 14 compilation CD featuring “The Fall” song. In 2010 he released his debut album “Ignis Fatuus” worldwide. However, the next single "Anonymous" despite of being recorded in Germany was released in August 2011 in US and Canada only.

Dmitry is the founder of Project Equinox - an international art project, the idea of which was being developed and shaped throughout years. Project Equinox is basically a collaborative team of creative people from all over the world who strive to express themselves through the art they endorse. The project is meant to give the artists almost unlimited possibilities for self-realization, and allow each member an opportunity to start and develop their own sub-direction.

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