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Short Bio -- Brothers, Drelly(Kendrell Ellison) and Kay(Kenny Ellison) both born in Richmond, Va are upcoming rappers in the area. Drelly born on March 13, 1991 and Kay born on February, 1992 grew up on the eastside of Richmond in the Mosby Court area. When they were young they both were into sports and then slowly begin to drift toward the street life. After being exposed to that environment they both were involved deeply doing things that they wish not to share. Kay began to drift in and out of that life as Drelly sunk in and begin to go in and out of jail on a numerous amount of charges. As the steets change slowly they had to find a way out, in which they begun to write raps about the trials and tribulations they've been through involving their family, friends and the streets.

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Kay and Drelly
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Wild'n Out Boyz
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Hip Hop / Gangsta Rap

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Richmond, VA