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"Art and Lisa combine grit and grace on every track of their new record, "Healin' Time". Thoughtfully produced by John Inmon, "Sands of Lubbock" evokes the lonely, endless line of the West Texas horizon. The title track could be heard in a dance hall or gospel revival and the haunting version of Walt Wilkins' "Healing Waters" brings a beautiful close to this intimate collection of songs."

Susan Gibson - CMA award-winning songwriter "Wide Open Spaces"

"With a natural warmth and sincerity, Art and Lisa's latest recording wraps around you like a comfortable old quilt. "Healin' Time" is good for what ails you." - KH

Kevin Higgins - Song of the year 2010 Texas Music Awards

“…” And the new album “Healing Time” holds more song treasures and is even stronger proof of Art and Lisa’s timeless songs - incredible lyrics, inimitable vocals, supported with a background of soulful and warm musical talent. Overall, Art and Lisa are the most polished and sparkling diamonds in Texas Music today." ”

"strong,beautiful and true. Art and Lisa bring what is so badly needed to the Texas music scene, honest intelligently made music. together they manage to deliver songs that sound fresh and familiar simultaneously."

Michael O'Connor - Guitarist /singer songwriter/ recording artist

“My CD of choice today is "Healin' Time" by Art and Lisa. Lisa's voice takes us to another time and place. Not only are the songs excellent, but the production takes full advantage of the excellent guitar of John Inmon, and the fiddle of Richard Bowden. I once heard Lisa sing "Sands of Lubbock" live at the Grotto in Bandera. I was stunned. Not surprised, for I know of the talent they both have. The last song on the album, "Healing Waters", was written by Walt Wilkins and puts a finishing touch to an entire album on the power of healing. There are songs of broken families, lost love, disappointment, sorrow and saints. This CD will play in my car as I head up and down the road.”

Kathleen Hudson - Hill Country Happenings

"Anyone that has been away from home for any length of time knows the feeling of missing home. Art and Lisa's "Healin' Time" CD is like that first night back home. Familiar and comfortable. Art and Lisa will leave an impression on your heart with thier captivating songwriting and majestic vocals"

Cara Miller First Lady of Radio Free Texas - Radio Free Texas

“Art and Lisa from Bandera has a new Cd, produced by Lloyd Maines, and showcasing their strong writing, harmonious blending of voices, and Lisa’s strong contribution to the world of female singers.”

Kathleen Hudson - Hill Country Happenings