Arstidir / Press

“Árstíðir is similar to some other Icelandic bands in that they sound big and orchestral like Sigur Ros and, like Ólöf Arnalds, they strike that magic balance between intimacy and mystery.”

“Shit. I mean, wow. Where to begin? Can mere words even do justice to the emotion KK and Árstíðir evoked during two too short hours at Fríkirkjan?”

“Even though many of the songs are in a language we don’t understand, the fragile beauty of their music and the harmony of it speaks to every soul.”

Elena Savitskaya - IN ROCK

“Árstíðir is Iceland's latest export success.”

“If you think that Iceland is only Björk and Sigur Rós, listen to Árstíðir!”

“Each of their songs, whether it's a poignant ballad or the troubling Kill Us which sounds surprisingly brutal when performed live, penetrates the depths of the soul. Árstíðir’s music sends you on an amazing journey from which you return astonished and full of gratitude.”

“This sextet is more akin to a well-arranged chamber orchestra with 70′s folk songwriters like Simon & Garfunkel or Cat Stevens (or Jose Gonzales to use a more contemporary reference) whispering in the wings while Michael Nyman conducts Rachels and Penguin Cafe Orchestra at center stage. Beautifully arranged melodies with orchestral overtones, soft thumb-picked guitars and multi-voiced harmonies come together in a warm bath of ideas supported by legitimately refined musicianship.”