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“Ask anyone who’s ever heard them live and they’ll tell you that ARSON sonically sutures the Detroit destruction of the Stooges and MC5; the New York noise of the Velvet Underground and New York Dolls; and the British brainpower of the Stranglers and Clash. I could go on, so I will. ARSON has independently toured all across North America and played countless concerts in a myriad of notorious rock ’n’ roll breeding grounds like New York, Detroit, and Chicago while sharing stages with—and stealing spotlights from—such influential legendary luminaries as the Dead Boys, Misfits, Suicide, Troggs, Destroy All Monsters, John Otway, and Ollie Halsall.”

by Jeffrey Morgan authorized biographer of Alice Cooper and The Stooges - THE RISE AND REPRISE OF ARSON: REIGNITING A MUSICAL CONFLAGRATION

“Canadian Music Fest - March 9-13, 2011 - Details coming soon!! Get Torched! ”

“Interview with ARSON on CIUT 89.5 FM in Toronto, Canada. The link below provides internet access via Equalizing X Distort.”

“We’ve been working on arrangements and new material for a while now. Everything is moving nicely through the planning stages and everything sounds fresh and alive. The best part of our writing and friendship is that we’re like two kids getting excited and having fun being creative! ARSON was a special project for me as it was my first foray into lead vocals and being stage front as opposed to hiding behind a drum kit, my first instrument. For Marcel, it was his very first real band. Lucky for fans of the original punk and post-punk scenes, ARSON is rising from the embers that never stopped glowing. For more information, and to listen to some great tracks, check them out here. Also, contact Rude van Steenes via Facebook here. ”