Arsen Shomakhov / Press

“This is a fresh voice from an up-and-coming artist who has developed into a skilled professional”

Kyle Palarino - Blues Wax

“He can coax an impressive array of sounds and styles from his Fender Stratocaster”

Sean McDavitt - Guitar One Magazine

“Dynamic is a guitar-lover's delight of an album, one that stayed in the CD player of the Toronto Blues Society Society for a week.”

John Valenteyn - Toronto Blues Society

“Shomakhov's strengths are his formidable guitar playing across the spectrum of blues and r&b styles, his songwriting and his knack for finding good obscure material to cover...”

DB - Downbeat

“His excellent guitar work pays rare attention to tonal variety and to creating strong rhythms as well as fleet-fingered, inventive solos”

Tom Hyslop - Blues Review

“I left that evening with just one thought, and that was, that what I just witnessed was one of the best Blues/Blues Rock shows I had seen in a long time...”

“Excellent West Coast swing, funk and groove, together with shuffles in a variety of tempos and rhythms, including Arabic and hypnotic sounds like in the song Sweeter Than Honey.”

“Mr. Shomakhov is nominated in the New Artist of the Year category in the Maple Blues Awards, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he was nominated in Guitarist next year.”

"On the Move" is # 1 on Canada Roots Music Charts and #2 on international top 50 Blues radio charts!


“His approach is not flashy guitar overkill but an economic restaint in which feel and tone count for more than dexterity...”

Tom Harrison - The Province

“Mr. Shomakhov so wowed the audience and our judges with his version of the Delta Blues that he took home to Russia the coveted bragging rights of being the 2007 Emerging Artist Top Performer and proved to us that you do not have to be from the Delta to sing or know about the blues.”

“... this fine player as a true guitar virtuoso. His is a name that, one day, could become a household name in the blues community.”

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro - Blues Editor at Mary4Music.com

“Arsen’s a great, world-class blues guitar player. I’m sure lots of people will be surprised how good he is and the style he has.”

“From swing to shuffle to dirty funk, Arsen Shomakhov & his band have all bases covered. I predict that folks further afield will soon begin to experience Mr. Shomakhov's soulful delivery.”

Charlie Gray - bluesfreepress.org

“You can't deny his controlled guitar work is full of feeling. This Russian doesn't impress with muscle, but rather with substance”

Tim Holek - Blues Beat - Canada

“His playing is tastefeul, clean bends and sharp staccato lines, with nice jazz chord colour and counterpoint rhythm. This is how the pros do it, kids.”