Arsenic Addiction / Press

“Dark shadows and the spirits of the dismal dead seems to haunt every crevice of the music, always lurking in the background like an unseen menace. This album is a real earcatcher, it has easily recognizable components but it has a subtle, hidden rawness that makes you wonder if there are voices behind it in the background... Far from diminishing the soundexperience, it merely adds an unseen dimension to an already satisfying experience. They make the lyrical themes, which circles around Death, abundantly clear without overdosing themselves on clichés, neatly sidestepping what could easily have killed the music with sour notes from the past. No sour notes in this album though, past or otherwise, they stick to their guns all the way through, and they do it in proper metal fashion. They have taken a theme and a kind of music that has been tried and done a thousand times over by others, but they manage to make it uniquely theirs and give it both flavor and dimensions, really well done”

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"a very nice visual and a group that knows how to develop through their sites, it has beautiful pictures, a bio pretty well informed and you can listen to all songs in the album. This is significant for a group that wants to be known to the European public, and in this case French, via the Internet." (Translated via Google Translator from French to English)

“Arsenic Addiction is another amazing band out of Salt Lake City, UT. with an unparalleled uniqueness that has garnered them an awesome following. Their stage show is an intriguing mix of melodic metal and amazing theatrics that seduces your senses. From Lady Arsenic popping out of her coffin to the duel to the death, Arsenic Addiction’s live performances are a mesmerizing site to behold and the music elicits a need for more, an addiction that is never fully satisfied. They play continuously, to crowds of every size, every show a chance to draw you into their metal embrace. They released their newest album, "An Undertakers Lament," at the end of last year and this album is an astounding array of passion both musically and lyrically. Arsenic addiction is Lady Arsenic (vocals/keys), Plague (guitar), Ripper (lead guitar), Butcher (bass/vocals), The Professor (drums). You can check them out here.”

“ Dearest Addicts,With a heavy heart and much regret we must inform you that The Professor is leaving the manor and Arsenic Addiction in favor of his research regarding... well research. He wasn't exactly clear on WHAT he is researching but he exclaimed "I've made a discovery, the ramifications of which will change science forever. I've been up for days studying, researching, theorizing, hypothesizing, and repeating this tedious process so I could be sure that I must and will dedicate my life to such." When The Professor decides something is of the greatest importance his mind will not be swayed and so we say good-bye and good luck to our beloved Professor and hope has found the discovery he's been waiting for. Farewell Professor 'D' Warren, PhD 1855-2011 You will be missed. The Professor will be finishing out all June shows before leaving for his research. ”

“We are pleased to announce we have been offered an endorsement by Coffin Case. We look forward to this partnership and are huge fans of their products. Check them out! www.coffincase.com”

“It is mournfully violent metal that has the chameleon-like ability to interest fans of different genres. Among the plethora of female-fronted modern metal bands these days, Arsenic Addiction can hold their own. Arsenic may be a stronger and heavier metal dosage than a good hunk of the popular female-fronted acts, but it’s well worth the uncomfortable poison it delivers”

“Like we said in the past, there are countless bands that have female growlers, but Arsenic Addiction is one of the best ones we have heard in the current Metal scene in the USA”

“Everyone suffers loss and pain but every now and then, that feeling is harnessed and processed and turned into something amazing. Arsenic Addiction have done just that through their newest album, An undertaker Lament, with an array of songs that encompass their feelings as well as highlighting their talent as a band. ”

“The Victorian mourning rockers look to rectify that with their first full-length: An Undertaker's Lament. The album assuredly hits every dark note on the scale, backed by lead singer Haley Grow's silky vocals, switching between power chorus chants and blood curdling screams. The music and their stage presence are definitely a league apart from the rest and worth at least checking out.”

“Due their love for all things death and Victorian, local metal band Arsenic Addiction has upped the musical game by creating fantastic live shows that show the band's ability to create both music and art. The group has made a mark within the local metal scene by making the Arsenic Addiction live experience as enthralling as possible.”

“Wearing Victorian-inspired costumes the band quickly starts making a strong impression with a very solid execution of their “Requiem Of The Fallen” EP songs. The band now features keyboards but their use was minimal since Lady Arsenic focuses more on vocal duties. If you never heard of this band, you might be interested in finding out that her female vocalist actually does both the harsh and clean vocals. The harsh vocals are very brutal and sound more impressive in person, since you would never image that those hellish sounds come from such a small person.”

“(Requiem of the Fallen EP) Playing a mixture of genres, the band combines elements of Metalcore, Nu Metal and Trash to create a very aggressive atmosphere that is very nicely contrasted with clean female vocals.”

“The most important thing about the songs on the EP (Requiem of the Fallen) is they’re all backed with real emotion because in the end, who really wants to listen to a band pretend to be angry and sorrowful when you can get the real deal.”

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