Arrow Haze / Press

“If you have not heard of Arrow Haze before and have those classic rock taste buds, this is definitely a band you should check out. Overall, this album deserves a solid listen to all those that are addicted to some good kick-back, guitar driven music and smoking blunts.”

“While the technical prowess of the guitarists are quite beautiful to listen to, what really sets this band apart from many acts that try to bridge genres is the beautiful and heartfelt vocals. Drummer/Vocalist Theo Greens vocals aren’t overpowering and they don’t feel as though he’s trying to turn his voice into something it isn’t. He doesn’t try to be over-aggressive. He’s found his wheelhouse, and his gorgeous vocal melodies over the aggressive and technically impressive guitar work is a genuine powerhouse experience. Add to it a technically sound rhythm section, and you have an amazing listen.”

“What I heard was a kind of hard rock that didn't sound particularly ordinary. What I mean is that it wasn't an oh-it's-hard-rock ordinary kind of music. I'd have moved on then without a second thought. What I heard was a modern rock production, an easy-going mainstream nature, and vocals that, as Ag Fox later put, sounded too indie. Whatever that means. Point being, this young Belgian band had a great sound, good melodies and lyrical insight that demanded a proper listen. It seemed like they knew what they were doing.”

“Mostly, Music Factory offers some terrific melodic, sometimes heavier, rock with lots of great guitar work from riffage to solos wrapped in some very pleasing vocal arrangements. Nice stuff, and easily recommended.”

“Awesome is indeed the word most befitting a concise description of Arrow Haze, which consists of four Belgians rocking hard and producing dynamical odes to the hard rock songs of yore.”

“Arrow Haze is an exciting new band from Belgium whose compelling blend of classic and progressive rock is guaranteed to sweep you away into an ocean of sonic bliss.”

“Drawing inspiration from classic rock acts the likes of The Doors and Pink Floyd, Roeselare, Belgium-situated progressive rockers Arrow Haze are a young, talented group teeming with promise. Musically the band takes industrial elements and layers on deep vocals, emotive ballads and hard, driving guitars to produce something both different and undefinable, yet instantly familiar.”

“Arrow Haze is a new band from Belgium, the first taste from their forthcoming debut album out later this year, is the new single "Elly Kedward". This song gives me the 90´s feel, it starts out like a modern rock version of NIN but bloom out into a more alternative style a la Failure, it´s a grower for sure and the chorus don´t get stuck in the head right away but I fancy the melody in the bridge a lot. I think they´ve got something going here.”

“The band’s sound is energetic with rich, multi-layered tapestries of sound filled with industrial overtones and heavy guitar riffs.”

“Arrow Haze based out of Belgium has a vast array of influences that ad complexity and a richness not always heard from a band with so many pop culture influences. The band’s sound is full, nuanced and skillful, showing that this song has a distinct story, spooky origins, and pop culture roots, but that’s just one idea from a wildly creative band. Silver bullets aside the sound of the band combined with the near flawless art direction is terrifyingly good.”

“The newest musical talent from Belgium: Arrow Haze released their first video Elly Kedward.”

“They incorporate so many styles of rock music that you can't compare them to anybody. Their style is really unique.”