Arrica Rose / Press

"Let Alone Sea is a constant treat of tranquil elegance."

“#19 in Blurt's Top 50 albums of 2011”

"Nothing Nada Nothing" one of Buzzbands.LA's 100 local favorites of 2011

“This is a fantastic album, instantly accessible but gaining depth and nuance every time you put it on.”

“Contemplating the hazy space between Billie Holiday and Mazzy Star, Arrica Rose's intuitive guitar and introverted yet iron-willed utterances create sounds both mellow and dramatic...More produced than ever yet still almost chewably organic, Arrica Rose's effortlessly sensual music places little filter between her fears and longings and our own.”

Paul Rogers - LA Weekly

“Rose takes her pointed confessionals and precise phrasing into pop, classic rock and Americana territory over the course of the album’s nine originals, hitting home with the folky, understated “Nothing Nada Nothing” and the breathy, spy-pop “We Made Out Alright.” She wraps the whole burrito by marrying “Video Killed the Radio Star” with “Wonderful World,” a nifty sleight-of-hand that alone testifies Rose can wear whatever skin she wants.”

"Rose is a force to be reckoned with...With a sound reminiscent of artists such as Patti Smith, The Ditty Bops, and CocoRosie, Rose masterfully brings indie-rock, alternative, and folk to a whole new level with this album."

“PASTE MAGAZINE recommends Arrica Rose & the ...'s”

"Rose's brand of slow soulful rock shines..."

“Pretend I'm Fur EP on iTunes May 11th! This is a soundtrack that has the windows rolled down on a long summer ride.”