“Noah Carpenter is quite known among Death Metal Fans as guitarist for Skinless. But for a while now he seems to be Thrash overall.Every Thrash-Fan, who is also into really powerful US Metal, will yearn for this. "Dictator’s Whore", "Armor Column", "Where There’s A War, There’s A Way” and "We Breathe Extinction" are full of razorsharp riffs, strong leads, and drums that haunt you. Especially the slight border-crossing into US Metal keeps the speed very variable and that leaves space for the aggressive, but yet filigree guitar-work. But the secret weapon is definitely singer Jeff Andrews. Not only does he know how to sing powerful, his range up to perfect screams brings him without any difficulties quite near to people like John K (Biomechanical) or even Tim "Ripper" Owens. I do not dare to emphasize one of the four songs, or even take one of them as a favorite. "Armor up your ass" as a whole is just once again a perfect example for the blindness of the record labels!”