Aristo / Press

"New to the Cincinnati music scene is 5-piece pop/punk band Aristo. Though a young band of only 6 months, the 5-piece has established themselves with a hard work ethic and a unique sound. You may be slightly confused as to the bands I said they have similar qualities to. How can you put Relient K and Emarosa in the same sentence? Well one of my favorite parts about Aristo is my inability to place a finger on exactly who they sound like, which is good, because it means they have a unique sound. When I listen to their recordings (up now on myspace and produced by Dan Malsch and Alec Henninger (Forever The Sickest Kids, Nottingham), I hear traces of the pop of Relient K, but the vocal qualities of Emarosa and Rookie of the Year all the same time. Confusing? Maybe. I’ll let you be the judge. " -Ella Goldsmith (1st & Vine)