Aristoscat / Press

“The music biz would be so effin' boring without people like this for damn sure!”

Sterling Winfield - Nomad Studios Engineer, Hellyeah, Pantera, Seventh Void

“Full of energy... I like it.”

Greg Ingram - Sin City, Machete & Super

“They are on a MIND-BLOWING level of awesome!”

"Very intense! Cool heavy rock-a-billy sorta, huh?"

Rob Kleiner - Tub Ring / Super 8bit Bros.

“They'll blow your mind. Their like Elvis... on roller-skates... on fire.”

“It's like the B-52s on Acid!”

“Aristoscat is brilliantly clever and tongue-in-cheek sleazy. They are the bastard offspring of Frank Sinatra & Mötley Crüe.”

“Sporting suits, bringing a great, loud energy to the stage, and ordering Manhattans from the bar set these guys apart from anything else I have seen in a local band.”

“I am pretty sure that if laws of nature allowed and Desi Arnaz had a baby with Scott Ian, Aristoscat is what would have been born.”