Arisen From Nothing / Press

"Words like powerful and gripping just don't cut it or do this album justice. It's more then just a good metal album as it's moving metal with a message."

“Regardless of any of my criticism, I actually think this band will definitely get signed and probably be very popular. Their commercial sensibilities give them a radio friendly quality and everything is top notch from the production to the musicianship. In fact it is the most professional looking demo I have received and it comes with some great artwork and can be ordered from their myspace website. Make friends with them now, so you can borrow money from them later.”


“Tattoos, piercings, black clothing or hair gelled into a pointy mohawk... There’s a band that stormed onto the Seattle music scene in 2008 that will change your mind about the men behind the mohawks.”

Lake Stevens Journal

“Alternative modern post-thrash offering both more dynamic and more morose moments; the guys have a good sense of melody implementing the odd memorable chorus and clean vocals as opposed to the gruffer semi-whispered main ones”

The Thrash Metal Guide

"They really do epitomize metal... and all that is hard and heavy. They've got a good classic feel, yet so much more as they crunch throught the high octane tracks. Plainly and simply it is metal as metal is to be played!"

DJ Beerman - DJ Beerman Show

"More crunch that a bag of Fritos"

S J Holetz / Bonehand - Bonebat Podcast #46