Aries / Press

“His production has a classic, boom-bap vibe to it, and he keeps things fairly straight-forward most of the time, but it’s of a very high standard I have to say. He manages to keep things sounding fresh across 21 songs, which isn’t easy..”

“'Animated Dreams' brought me back to 'The Waking Life', they'd of been lucky had this been a part of their soundtrack. So hot, that was an awesome first listen, highly impressive.”

Reiny Pier - Reverbnation

“Excellent! Love your sounds. Your vocals are amazing too. I like that you've tried to keep more in the style of classic hip-hop whilst still retaining originality. Really enjoyed listening : )”

Musical MInd Control - Reverbnation



“Beasty!!!! that Intro beats sick! all off this is sick!!!!”

Maylay Sage - Reverbnation

“Nothing but solid bangers on your page. keep up the good work.”

Scum Bag - Myspace

“quirky underground beats (provided by Timbuktu, Savilion, Aries and others) are intricate and creative, and Selfhelp keeps things interesting by flipping his styles”

“Authentik sounds great - it features bubbly xylophone mixed with old-timey horns and some bumpin' drums provide the backdrop for the trio to rundown their hard-earned hip hop history.”

“The Aries-produced beat for Find Out mixes electronic bleeps with ominous backing sounds and an ominous & addictive chorus. I was intrigued by the quality of the song as well as the visuals”

“Dope Music!”

Phresh - Reverbnation

"FIND OUT" is a sick track!, got that on my play list! Killer production and lyricists.

Mick3y06 - Reverbnation

“sick sick sick !!!! we need peeps like you on Tone Spliff's new hip hop community site @ www.authentichiphop.ning.com sign up / up load your tracks get heard from true heads!!! props and stay UP!!! www.authentichiphop.ning.com!!!”

SILEB - Reverbnation

“Aries! I love your music! Diggin the video, loving that track! Nice vibe you have...I'm a true FAN!”

NIcole Renee - Reverbnation

“New Album "Now & Then" is NOW AVAILABLE!! http://ariesmusic.bandcamp.com The album features Aries on the beats, along with vocals by Lord Zen R.eL.Z.M(of Visionaries), Moka Only, Mos Eiesly (of Sweatshop Union), Emotionz, Snak The Ripper, Young Sin, Evil Ebeneezer, Jeff Spec, Ishkan, Def-3&more ”