Ariel Storm / Press

“Beautiful vocals, lovely arrangements, great production vaues...A-list on My playlist!”

Leo Whitebird - POD Recording Studio

“This is a good headphone CD. One to listen to while just relaxing and where you can concentrate on the sounds. If you’re on the lookout for a good new ambient dreamy record give this one a spin. ”

Amy Lotsberg - Collected Sounds

“Ariana’s voice blends in well with the soundscapes and the lyrics are smart and edgy. This is a great find and a CD that sits well on a shelf next to Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush (with nods to Brian Eno and Peter Gabriel)”

Darryl Gregory - Indie-Music.com

“Storm is a woman prepared to ask us and herself difficult questions, to challenge assumptions, to advocate for herself. She is also a person who recognizes that value is not what sits in your bank account; value is found in human relationships, and that some qualify as transcendent.”

Bruce Menin - Sounds Right