Arden Park Roots / Press

“Award winning reggae-rock band Arden Park Roots released their fourth full length album. Burning the Midnight Oil brilliantly and effortlessly intersects the art and essence of reggae, hip-hop, rock, and crams it all in a tiny 12 track package. The glowing craftsmanship of the production and parameters layered thick with versatility and precision make this album truly enjoyable. "Burning the Midnight Oil" starts off beautifully with the track “Write Your Wrongs” which incorporates luscious guitar picking which then opens up to gorgeous vocal harmonies and jaw-dropping melodies. The album unfolds and really puts the “pedal to the metal” while at the same time shifting gears to a more full-fledged rock album starting from track four titled “As Long As You’re There” which perfectly illustrates the range and true audacity that these guys hold. The raw and blaring guitar solo from Nick Ledoux combined with Tyler Campbell’s vocal delivery will most definitely give you chills ”

"Arden Park Roots... authentic sound makes them one of the top acts in town. (Their) song (Under The Sun) has a refreshing summer feel and sounds more tuneful than current national hits. (They produce) some of the most creative reggae music to come from Sacramento in years."

"Sacramento's shooting stars... are one of the best blender (rock, reggae, punk with a slice of soul) bands coming out of Northern California. This new mix... is so beautiful... taking genre blending to the next level. Arden Park Roots has developed into a hell of a band... with positive energy you (can't) help but dance. Tyler Campbell (takes) command of the crowd and (leads) them down the road of memories and impressions. The whole band (does) a great job of bringing people together on a good vibe."

"One of Sacramento's hottest reggae-rock bands will be sizzling at Steamers Bar and Grill in South Lake Tahoe Friday. Arden Park Roots has shared the stage with bands such as slightly Stoopid, the Expendables, (Pepper), (Iration), Matisyahu and others."

"...Arden Park Roots (has) staked their claim to the (Rock/Reggae) genre bringing their own original flavor to the door steps of local fans and currently paving their path touring across the nation. APR will continue to bring their organic fresh sounds to new heights and to greater audiences beyond the genre.

"Sacramento's own shooting stars... these herbal advocates are master genre blenders (who) produce sounds that tingle the hairs on the back of the neck... This rock out affliction is contagious and at times magnetic!"

“If you aren’t familiar with Arden Park Roots, its sound is reggae and rock, and the group is known for its unparalleled live performances. It is very easy to compare APR to the late and great Sublime, blended with a talent all its own.”

“Stand By Me, the classic Ben E. King song gets a new sound and an irie vibe in a new rendition from Arden Park Roots. The song was released on their new album Pipe Dreams which dropped on 11/22/11 (currently at a great price, $4.99 on iTunes). The band from Sacramento begins the song with a more traditional sound and emphasizing Tyler Campbell's edgy soulful vocals but 45 seconds into the song, the reggae sound and irie vibes start. Tyler sings with the conviction the song requires and the new sound compliments the message in the lyrics.”

“For Arden Park Roots’ third album (Pipedreams), the bros (Tyler Campbell, vocals and rhythm guitar; Johnny Snickerpippitz, drums; Nick Ledoux, guitar; and Spencer Murphy, bass) turned a dream into reality: They got to record with super-producer Scott Matthews (Elvis Costello, Keith Richards, Roy Orbison, Joey Ramone). After an idyllic month of working in Matthews’ Mill Valley studio, APR emerged with the aptly titled Pipe Dreams, a rock/reggae album that resonates with deep bass tones, crisp horns and stony-ass California vibes.”

“Songs including "Under The Sun" and "Green Anthem plus interviews of the band - hosted by Bryson Roatch.”

“Arden Park Roots... (a) local foursome consisting of vocalist/guitarist Tyler Campbell, lead guitarist Nick Ledoux (aka “El Guapo”), bassist Spencer Murphy and drummer Jonny Snickerpippitz, have become road warriors, logging thousands of miles over the past couple years both in support of their self-released 2008 full-length album The Hard Way and as their alter-ego Sublime tribute band, The Livin’s Easy. (They are) polished but not over-produced.... They rock, they can bring the party; (and) they do it with...class. Read the rest of the article at http://submergemag.com/featured/always-on-the-move/1385/”

“APR is quickly becoming a common name in the huge California rock/reggae scene, a scene that seems to be spreading all over the country. It was evident as their tours got longer and further away in 2009 and 2010. And their second full-length album, No Regrets In The Garden Of Weeden, released July 9, 2010, is making huge waves as these herbal advocates mix many styles to create a fresh new sound.”

“One performer was also an award recipient and that honor went to Arden Park Roots. They played an incredible show and got both sides of the Tropicana on their feet. Their energy remained in the club for the rest of the evening.”