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Archie Powell & The Exports / Press

“Powell is what I expect most people assumed Rivers Cuomo would become. Powell's power-pop is more developed, more pronounced, yet his demeanor is less boyish. Instead of Kiss and Dungeons and Dragons, he writes about flaky friends and getting the heat shut off. He's an endearing character whose incisive lyrics turn many of the album's flatter moments into touchstones.”

The Daily Cardinal

“Ultimately should appeal to fans that range from Weezer to Elvis Costello. It is this widespread charm and memorable eager tracks that will have you returning to Skip Work for repeat listens and telling all you friends to check out your new favorite band - Archie Powell & The Exports!”

The Fire Note

“I tried to not fall in love. It didn’t work… Don’t let this pop/garage/indie band fool you. Nothing you have in your record collection is like AP&E. There is no doubt about it these boys have talent and they are not afraid to show it.”


“Powell, as well as all the Exports don’t only command your attention but they deserve it. They wear their love of rock on their sleeve and their type of rock is the rock that just doesn’t really exist anymore, having been replaced in “hipster” culture with synth beats and music laden with irony and kitsch. Sure, Powell might be a snot on occasion but he’s never insincere and if there’s any justice in the world of rock and roll, Archie Powell & the Exports will be big time in no time.”

Indie College

“Archie Powell & the Exports are here to remind music fans that great music doesn't require fancy or unusual flourishes — it just needs one hell of a hook. While a lot of good modern artists innovate with different sounds and effects, the Chicago quartet skillfully puts its signature on a style that's stood the test of time. They don't just rock it out; they perfect it.”

Wenatchee World

“Skip Work is a throwback to the straightforward, four-chord rock ‘n’ roll of yesteryear…Skip Work is a fun album.”

Static Multimedia

“The album's twelve songs chug along cheerily along at a gratifying pace, and the Powell's delivery makes you want to sidle up and buy him a beer. The group's voice is clearly it's own, but there's a clear playfulness in the songs' delivery.”


“Powell sings with a natural fervor and sounds like a less-nasally, more rock ‘n’ roll version of John Flansburgh – with witty, whimsical, and meaningful lyrics and themes to boot.”

Mixtape Muse

"Skip Work" is a labor of love from the indie-pop quartet — a dozen energetic songs about making the move from Wisconsin to Chicago, life as a starving artist, and how exhausting relationships can be.

Radio Free Chicago

“Archie Powell & The Exports continue to fight the good fight for all that is great in the world of rock and roll: clever, memorable tunes that dig deep in your brain and move in to stay.”

LA Examiner

“The songs are both cynical and optimistic…Kind of like Weezer meets America with a dash of Elvis Costello, the song "Skip Work" is a driving anthem that's perfect for these tough times.”

Power Popoholic

“What follows this opening track is nothing but pure pop perfection. A quick ending cut straight into the heavier ‘Enough About Me’ sets the tone for what you’ll experience over the next 35 minutes.”

Dyson Sound

“Nodding to the likes of Elvis Costello and Paul Westerberg, Chicago-based Powell and Co. sway between booze-fueled numbers like “Enough About Me” and breezier fare like “Loose Change.” The band particularly excels at capturing the unease of entering your 20s and struggling with a range of newfound problems…Lyrically astute and driven by a nervous energy, there's never any doubt that Powell will overcome these hurdles.”

Chicago Metromix/RedEye

“They’re like the better parts of Weezer and Bishop Allen.”

The Project Lodge

“This Chicago foursome takes its cues from the poppier side of the Replacements, the nerdy guitar crunch of good Weezer, and the best parts of early '80s radio pop and wraps it in an easy-going package that begs for repeat listens.”

Random Old Records

“It's a little bit A.M. era Wilco, a little Westerberg, and maybe even a little bit like Ted Leo’s more poppy side. Whatever it is, it's good, and even more it's actually really good. It would be good even if it weren't free, meaning I would pay for it.”

Captain's Dead

"Loose Change" is so good, and such a perfect, shining example of what makes power pop great. There are hints of a host of influences, from Weezer to Wilco, but their infectious melodies and easy rhymes make Archie Powell & the Exports instantly memorable.

Local Sounds Magazine

“Archie Powell & The Exports float somewhere between pure indie pop and dirty bubble gum pop. Back in June the band released their debut EP for free and I simply can’t stop listening to it.”

The Deli : Chicago

“Archie Powell & The Exports are more than plain ole' rock and roll, their "Loose Change EP" is a mini party in a 5-song EP.”


“AP&E pump out accessible guitar pop that gets heads-a-nodding.”

The Isthmus

“Reminiscent of Elvis Costello or Paul Westerburg without sounding too derivative, the Exports already put on a relatively polished live show for a band that only released their first EP in June.”

The Daily Cardinal

“Archie Powell & the Exports are taking alt-country to a whole new level of cool, putting a more aggressive and modern spin on the genre. "Loose Change" is loose, raw, and...downright fun. Each song has a core of pop, but AP&E cover it with enough grit that it's almost disguised.”

Bill's Music Forum

“Charming and catchy.”

Radio Free Chicago

“Quickly becoming my favorite Chicago based band, Archie Powell and the Exports deliver a wonderful, catchy brand of poppy indie rock that's hard to resist.”

The Hot Half Life of Amber Valentine

“There's definitely something special about Archie. Maybe it's the glasses or the snazzy thrift store clothing, but I had a feeling I’d like him, and I found I really enjoy his band’s modern day indie rock sound infused with some throwbacky pop style.”

The Wenatchee World

“Infectious pop sound.”


“Why didn’t we know about Archie Powell & the Exports? I mean, why didn’t any of you assholes tell us about our new favorite band? This is tasty pop, ladies and gentlemen.”

Madison Music Machine

“With a voice and some charming songwriting, AP&E is aggressive pop with acoustic guitar, organ and electric piano, and an agreeably shuffling rhythm section with catchy choruses and lyrics.”

The Onion