Arcane Malevolence / Press

“Arcane Malevolence performed a highly energetic set and got the pit initiated for the storm that was about to unravel”

“It's hard to categorize their approach accurately besides metal unless you want to create one of those sub-sub-sub-you hopefully get the picture by now-sub-genres. The members of Arcane Malevolence frantically finesse their way through many a metal sub-genre.”

“To mistake that this is a band unaware of the message they are sending out would be a mistake; amidst the palpable proficiency of their music, which displayed their commitment to the metal sound, and their stage presence, they brought a set that was energetic, humorous, smart, and for those with an open mind and love for innovative sound: Fun.”

“Now, death metal is a genre that’s been playing around, cookie-monster blended with two scoops of dry humor, “Hatredy,” and self-cliché-mocking style – I’m talking everything from Dethklok to Macabre. But “sexual death metal” is an art, one that this Stamford-based four piece perfected, mocked, and simultaneously espoused.”

“One of the main things I love about Arcane Malevolence is the fact that I have immense difficulty actually describing who or what they specifically sound like. This band constantly keeps the listener on their toes waiting for the next musical twist they are about to deliver. With each riff comes that feeling of being on the edge of your seat, not knowing what to expect. Arcane Malevolence have a wide array of different influences, and manage to somehow combine them all and re-translate them smoothly and seemlessly. They combine elements of King Crimson, Emperor, In Flames, Nevermore, Dark Tranquility and Death and throw their own psychotic twist on it, then throw it in a blender and serve it up in a weird and diverse 7 course meal.”

Jaymz Delisle - The Sound Magazine / More Sugar Magazine

“Arcane Malevolence brings creativity and originality to each song in their debut album, Wicked Turn of the Vine. Their progressive metal music is packed with something for everybody: interesting melodies, strong rhythms, and humor.”

“Their malevolence may be arcane, but it seems to be perfectly effective, if their Best Metal win is any indication. And they have a strategy. “We try to confuse [audiences] with an over-saturation of stimuli,” says Pluckman. “If that doesn’t work, we might break out weapons.” Weapons? Check out these rippin’ solos. Arcane Malevolence is plenty face-shredding with their tried and true tools of the metal trade.”