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“Tribal Collaborations! Well, this week brought my second exciting transatlantic delivery ...... my new 'Tribal Collaborations' CD from WildCard Bellydance and Arcane Dimension! To say that it's already been well played would be an understatement - its funky Middle Eastern beats have been flooding the house for several days now, so that even the dogs can now bob their heads in time with the rhythms! I love it! The music on the cd was especially created with tribal improv in mind and all of the tracks, whether fast or slow, reflect this. As such it's great for drilling to or indeed for performance. The fabulous WildCard girls have already performed to some of the tracks, and we have the You Tubes to prove it! Here's one of them dancing firstly to 'Forbidden Fruit' (my very favourite track from the CD!) and then at the end of the performance to 'Sunset'. Enjoy! ”

“August 20, 2012 Jordan Blum - Sea Of Tranquility Arcane Dimension: Avantgarden Billing itself as "the San Francisco Bay Area premier Avant-garde World Fusion band/performance group," Arcane Dimension certainly sets up high expectation. Fortunately, there's a lot to like on their newest LP, Avantgarden, which blends seductive singing with Middle Eastern timbres and rock intensity. Although there are a lot of contemporary bands more or less following the same path, the album is still enticing (its title alone earns it a point or two). The group formed almost a decade ago and currently consists of Polish-American multi-instrumentalist Jarek Tatarek and two signer/performers, Teresa Camp and Katie Staniszewski. Blending "world fusion, electronic beats, and tribal belly-dance," their core sound (and live set) includes "enchanting female vocals, haunting bowed guitar…hypnotic rhythms, ritualistic elements, one-of-a-kind stage costuming and stage directions, guest musicians, and dance”