Aran Buzzas / Press

"Not many country artists can pull off an Irish Trad, but Aran does it with ease."

“One man and his guitar laying it all out for everyone to enjoy. Ranging from low down classic sounds to catchy tunes that are on the verge of comedy. Aran had the ability to have at least one song everyone could relate to in one way or another. I probably heard at least 3 people say "I think that song is about me" throughout his performance. He comes off as a genuine guy that's very happy just to be doing what he loves.”

“Aran wrote his first country song, "Biggest Fool," a year after the divorce. It's a heavy, lonesome dirge. "I was feeling horrible and I was thinking, 'I'm going to feel like this forever, I'm never going to be right again,'" These days, Buzzas has been playing out quite a bit—despite a frustrating battle with tendinitis—including recently opening for out-of-town country and roots acts such as Molly Gene One-Whoaman Band and The Cheatin' Hearts. Outlaw Radio Chicago, one of the cornerstone podcasts in the underground country roots movement, is about to release a compilation that, along with Shooter Jennings and other underground country artists such as Leroy Virgil, The Calamity Cubes, J.B. Beverley and Ten Foot Polecats, features Buzzas with his song "There's Always Something (In the Way)." He also has a new album in the works that features Missoula all-stars Travis Yost, Caroline Keys, Gibson Hartwell and Sam Nasett, among others. ”

"You know what's awesome? The `Niki's Closet Demo' is awesome! This is music for air-moshing!"

Chris Miller - Blue Ribbon Radio