ViTaY / Press

“Best Local Live Original band I've ever seen!”

Linda[Agent] @ Helping Hand Equity, Vancouver Wa

“I was there watching from the "Aqua Vitae" days. Over the years, "ViTaY" just gets better & better!”

Evan, [Facilities Manager] @ Restless Natives Studios, Portland, Or

“If I want to "Give Tribute" to a "Band", I' ll listen to media from the "ORIGINAL Artist", ViTaY ROCKS!, Let's give "TRIBUTE" to the bands out there playing "ORIGINALS", "ViTaY" is one of "Those Bands".”

Scott[Maitre d' & Security] @ Old Town Pub, Silverdale Wa

“Man this band is GREAT!”

Jeremy the little kid "Next Door"