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"...hauntingly atmospheric sound... not quite folk, not quite indie, not quite goth - but yet, at the same time, she is all of them. Her minimalistic, stripped down compositions are distinctively original, taking the traditional torch song format and immersing it in alternative subculture."

“I was hooked from the first sound. The mellow haunting music is perfectly matched up with very soothing vocals. Simple and deep. I could sit back and listen to this, every day. I don't think I can over use the term "haunting" with this music. Imagine sitting along in a dark room as a spirit passes through your body and at that moment two souls become one and you get this calming feeling in your soul... that is Aqualyra.”

“...folky tunes with angelic whispers and a simple bass line...”

"My Lucifer (Caberet Mix)" is the Sepiachord Song of the Day for Sept. 6th, 2010.

“Theatrical, timeless and sparse, her vocals are captivating... With a little stretch, one could be reminded of Kate Bush, but Aqualyra feels much more daring in her minimalism. The songs are at once whimsical & haunting, ... woven with intrigue like the web of a spider...”

“...fragile and gothic yet there´s a strange warmth to it... reminds me of that one hour we have dark here during nights in June [in Finland]”

“This is obscure music in the sense you'd find it in a dusty attic in a box. You'd pull it out & it'd start playing. And you'd become mesmerized.”

“Unusual and unique - a lovely voice and singularly Eastern European sounding melodies in the vocals. A real treat for these jaded ears.”

“Wonderful vocal melodies and reverberating accompanying bass that binds together like an intoxicating mulled wine.”

"...I could do with a bottle of red while I listen to your wonderful Wicked Merman."

“Highly original unusual and haunting vocals combined with a lone bass guitar...”


“love the dark romantic vibes!”

“One of the most enchanting voices I've heard in a long, long time. It's the type of voice that almost makes one feel guilty for listening to it.”

“Strange and twisted songs... a wispy and beautiful voice.... there's more than a dose of the Beth Gibbons or PJ Harveys happening. A rewarding experience.”

“I hear and feel beauty here, Monday is a lovely day after all!”

“Autumn madrigals with bass guitar...leading Ottawa's winter renaissance.”

“I love the nakedness of your sound. It add something really special to your songs and makes listening a very intimate experience.”

“Something very deep and to the bone... And the voice is awesome! Respect from the Helsinki hardcore science underground!!”

“a perfect combination of trippy and eerie.”

“Hauntingly atmospheric.”

"Very haunting, sparse and ephemeral...cool enough to catch a chill...

"...completely refreshing. Man & a guitar stuff, except it's a chick with a bass and an ephemeral voice singing exquisite poetry. She calls it gothic tango, gypsy torch folk, and while that's not literally what it sounds like, it's aptly colorful and sufficiently moody to describe a sound that is truly unique and extraordinarily creative. Rango digs this endlessly..."

Matthew Meadows - Facebook Comment


“a very captivating enchanting voice”


“quite hypnotic”

Rick Parnell, ReverbNation comment

“haunting... gothic feel”

LunariaN, reverbNation comment

“...has a haunting quality to it, somewhat Joanna Newsom-esque, but it's own thing entirely.”

“As unconventional as it is, by the end of the first song I have to admit, I really enjoyed it.”

“Wow, you are so captivating! I love this, you... really push the envelope .”

“...bellissima canzone!”

“great voice...the tunes are different... Its good late night music”

“Very unique sound and haunting vocals!”

“Great writing and mix of dark, folk, world and goth!”

“It takes a lot of nerve to try over sing over just a bass backing, but you pull it off so well...”