Aqua Cherry / Press

“Aqua Cherry is awesome sauce”

Ash ley

"Forever" is world class in my opinion

“I have to admit that I have never come across a Reggae/Ska track as lively & sentimental as this - complete with tinges of Rock & Blues.”

“These four men bring a hybrid of rock/funk/reggae to the table. Combined it makes for a tasty musical brew. What was nice to see was they looked like a band. A touch of fashion goes a long way. Unlike many bands out there that look like they just rolled out of bed and onto the stage. Aqua Cherry all looked like they were rock stars and they played like one too. During their set they played songs from both of their CD's. 2010's ep "So Pretty" and their full length Cd "Drowning in the shallow end". You can find both CD's on itunes. Aqua Cherry has a great energy on stage that an audience can't help but absorb.”

“Aqua Cherry is intelligent, edgy and fresh. A little like early Elvis Costello and David Byrne in a band back up by Magnetic Fields. Familiar sounding; yet I regard it as truly contemporary original music”

Godfrey Palaia - Program Director/Production Manager Lulu Village Pub