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“Local rapper Sheaven (pronounced "Seven") Kacy is releasing a new album, "Super Skinnies (The Movie)." The 17-track project has been in production for the past year. "This is not just a cd or album this is a full 17 track movie," Kacy wrote in an email interview. Kacy, who is originally from the Philadelphia area, is part of Smoked Out Entertainment, a collective organized by fellow local rapper Anthony "AP Tha Don" Parsons. Parsons, who has made several appearances in the Showcase for his own recordings, is featured on one of the tracks”

“If nothing else, Williamsport's rap scene is busy. Local artists like Steve Morse, aka C-Kwal, and Anthony Parsons, aka AP Tha Don, are hosting radio shows, overseeing album-art production and promoting other artists, in addition to writing and recording their own work. Both men consider themselves equal parts producer and performer, Parsons starting and running the production company and label "Smoked Out Entertainment" and Morse heading up "C-Kwal Productions."”

"They've all had a big part in the growth of hip-hop music in this area," Parsons said. The musician and promoter is loyal to his roots, staying local with his music. "I support the community and foundation that supported me first," he said. "I want to be able to take an artist that has just started and make them marketable. Maybe they started singing or rapping in their basement and they come to me and say they want to make a CD. I do that for them, from start to finish. And in the end, we hope they get a record deal," Parsons said. "Everything is done ourselves. We want to make sure it gets done right." And Smoked Out Entertainment really does do everything, from the recording, to the editing, packaging and promoting.

“Q and A with AP tha Don March 31, 2011 By APRIL LINE - Sun-Gazette Correspondent , Williamsport Sun-Gazette AP tha Don released his fourth CD through his own record label, Smoked Out Entertainment, Tuesday. The Sun- Gazette recently had a chance to sit down with him and talk about the album, his label, the Williamsport hip-hop scene and life. APRIL LINE: What does your hip-hop name, AP tha Don, mean? AP tha Don: Around here, I'm No. 1 on all the charts. I'm the first one to really put our music on the college stations - we network all the way from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. That's what the album "Statewide Hustla" is all about. It's about all the artists and everybody functioning as one unit. AL: In "Chuckle Shuffle," you sample the soundtrack from the original Willy Wonka movie. ? ”

“Founded in 1998, Smoked Out Entertainment was started by Anthony Parsons, a former resident of Williamsport. With a love for hip-hop, Smoked Out Entertainment - aka S.O.E. - supports artists from Central Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, giving the artists the opportunity to have a voice. Parsons, also known as "AP tha Don," is on a mission to make the area aware of the community of hip-hop artists and showcase their talent. "Music is a billion-dollar industry," he said. "If a city is backing rock 'n' roll music or country, why can't they back hip-hop too?" Parsons and S.O.E. are part of a tight-knit network of hip-hop of recording artists, including C-Kwal Productions, Hoffa Entertainment, Dy Hard Entertainment and Get Fresh Records, all part of the Central Pennsylvania scene.”

“Parsons is promoting the local artists in a big way. With signing a 25-week entertainment deal with Club Escape, 14 S. Front St., Smoked Out Entertainment will be featuring an array of artists each week on Saturday nights. Parsons said. "Club Escape was one of the only clubs in the area that would support local artists. We are hoping through these 25 weeks of performances that someone will get signed, maybe get a distribution deal." Parsons also is in the process of building partnerships with surrounding schools, including Lock Haven University, Mansfield University, Penn College, Lycoming College and Bucknell University. He also promotes artists on WXPI 88.5 with a hip-hop radio show at 11 p.m.”

“Artists from Williamsport based Smoked Out Entertainment will also hit the stage. The label was established in 1998 by CEO Anthony Parsons and features artists AP Tha Don (Parsons' stage name) and co-CEO C-Kwal. "I have always been able to paint a vivid picture so my music is the picture I give to the people," said Parsons. The goal of Smoked Out Entertainment is to strengthen the underground hip-hop movement in Pa. Parsons believes that Saturday's show will help the independent groups earn more recognition within local communities. DJ Hersh expressed an interest to Barrack in traveling to Milton for "Saturday Satisfaction." He is a veteran of spinning records in the Northeast Pa. region. He was recently named NEPA's favorite DJ in The Weekender's Readers Choice 2010 poll.”