April Devereaux / Press

“First, were two songs for April Devereaux-very cool piano based tracks with some tricky changes...”

Don Gunn - Two Sticks Studio

“It was one of my favorites on this album: shimmery and full of water images and April's gorgeous voice soaring like golden sun over the tides and storms.”

Speed Of Dark

“Thaddeus Scneider("Law and Order", "Rescue Me", "Skels")and award winning singer/songwriters Walker Hornung and April Devereaux were snapped on the red carpet.”

Briege McGarrity (NYIIFVF) - Show Business:New York's Performing Arts Weekly

“What made them stand out though, was the alluring voice of their enigmatic lead singer, April Devereaux-she took what might have been an otherwise unmemorable set of songs and turned them into something magical--”

Chez Pazienza(New York Observer/Huffington Post) - Deus Ex Malcontent

"Sorry" and "Drag" are shining snapshots swept along by April Devereaux's breathless vocal power. She's one of the stars here-

Ralph Heibutzki - All Music Guide

“Devereaux sings, "Pleasure plays a game/Lustful laughter/Whips and lollipops/Little wonder life leaves scars/Little wonder at all"”

Gene Stout - Seattle PI

“Devereaux sunk into the rhythm as soon as the first notes were played, as if she were sliding herself into her favorite pair of jeans.”

Angela Rivera - The Connector

“Devereaux's voice is remarkable. Cruising between sexy lows and soft illustrious mids, Devereaux throws herself into gutteral screams at the drop of a dime. Her highs strike the depths of your soul as they plane from raspy beginnings to beautiful sustains, leaving you with a feeling in your stomach much like that which follows a sudden drop in a small airplane.”

Dave Sheldon - Pandemonium

“April(On mother's influence musically):"I think she had a big influence on me as a human being. She definitely influenced me musically because she was always singing or playing an instrument.We always had a specific room in the house with instruments in it where we could go to express ourselves. She really encouraged that kind of creativity."”

Chris Burns - Month Magazine

“Devereaux doesn't shy from difficult lyrical topics, and her band is hard at work on closing any remaining credibility gap.”

Danny Housman - The Stanger

“Every pair of eyes was riveted on the shifty figure of April Devereaux. If the throaty, passionate call of Devereaux's voice didn't catch the attention of the mostly male audience that night, the way she moved with her music certainly did.”

Shannon Johnston - The Seattle Times

“A new Seattle foursome fuses metal, pop, and hip hop backgrounds with April Devereaux's impassioned vocals into a tight coil of edgy melody.”


“One of the most striking features of the band's sound-a blend of pop and hard rock-is Devereaux's clear, lustrous vocals. At moments, her voice resembles that of singer Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins.”

Gene Stout - Seattle PI

“Real, strong songs hiding under the massed army of guitars, a singer with a voice that ran away from the Cocteaus(i.e., she can really sing), and a huge production that sounds like they even threw in the kitchen sink at times. It's grand, over the top, and bloody glorious.”

Chris Nickson - AP: Alternative+Press

"There's a softness, an angelical quality and yet there's an edge," Devereaux said. "The live shows are a lot different. The guitar is more direct. The music is punchier and the energy is right there. It's raw, and the rawness keeps it fresh. It's constantly changing."

Denny DyRoff - The Weekender(Philly)

“This four-piece outfit, fronted by a female singer with the romance-novel name April Devereaux, plays big, theatrical noise rock, punctuated by the occasional acoustic guitar and Devereaux's Whooping vocals.”

The New Yorker

“Devereaux cut loose, airing her throat's reaches with command and moving with excited freedom about the stage.”

Danny Housman - The Stranger

“April Devereaux's vocals are wonderful throughout, interchanging with solid melodies and well crafted musicianship.”

Dave Sheldon - Pandemonium