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"falls between to stools but elegantly"

Chris Roberts - Uncut

“There’s always a problem in classifying a maverick (there’s one classification), Jay Fisher (Apple Rabbit) sounds like a folk singer (another) but he uses idioms from other genres; most notably electronica (another), so he has to be folktronica (another) right? Pretty much wrong. Take ‘Shoot’ for instance, you could say it sounds a bit like Radiohead (with a better singer) .... ‘Sing to Me’ opens like a post-rock sketch, vocals soon coalesce and after a minute or so Fisher shows his absolute skill as a chorus breaks through as sweet as any you’ll hear, it’s like stumbling across a rare orchid in a meadow. Fisher has made a record that mixes the experimental with the traditional, he mostly gets it right, and when he does the results are excellent.”

“Audaciously varied electronica. From sumptuous vocal delights..., Apple Rabbits have more musical ideas on a single album than most have in a whole career. ”

“The lead singer of Apple Rabbits impressed the crowds with the band's indie music, despite performing on his own on Saturday.”