Apology None / Press

“It is a recording steeped in psychedelia and is as "groovy" a tribute to that era as that of the previously ELOBF reviewed "Red Hot" by 'Ivory Tower Project' was to AOR in the seventies and eighties.”

"It was John Lennon who once said “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality”. At the Tabasco West hall last night, there was no dream, there was no together, there was no reality. Only a California Psychedelic Pop band called Apology None and a large collection of screaming young American teeny boppers, surfers and dropouts." Excerpt from Rock and Roll Week in Review. September 15, 1972

“Good Effort. The construction of your song is sound and sophisticated. Musically it covers a wide range of style and emotion. The change of tempo keeps the listener on his toes. Your focal point “Blast Off” is represented well musically but falls short lyrically as a chorus. Your lyrics seem to work in the verse as the prosody is fitting with the music. Side note: I could hear this song as a soundtrack in a James Bond movie Well done. ”

Mike Pinder of the Moody Blues - Song Wars

“Man. You are all a bunch of sell-out, doped out, no good group of hippies. What happened to Basie? Frankie? Dean? The good stuff would still be on the radio if it wasn't for you lousy kids! ”

Dad - Apology None Critiques