Apollo Run / Press

“…The handsome group of guys definitely impressed me with their catchy, dramatic rock tunes, as well as their CatchPhrase abilities (yes, I mean the game CatchPhrase).”

“Amelie Poulin would have loved this band. So would Jeff Buckley. John McGrew makes songs for mix tapes, red wine, and skeletons. Live, (Apollo Run) bring the dark carnival. A soundtrack to a life. This book, that film. Trumpets, guitars, piano. And a voice that will break hearts and start fires.”

The Deli Music Blog

“Apollo Run, also can run wildly from one genre to the next while keeping it rocking.”

“The group’s music was so good...At various points during the set, McGrew’s bandmates would yell, laugh and “ooh” to emphasize a facet of the song, and their performance created something akin to the atmosphere of a Prohibition-era speakeasy (I imagine)…”

“...but a singer named John McGrew that came on later upstaged them and everyone else on the bill that night. Brooklyn singer-songwriter McGrew’s fearless vocals and showmanship won me over immediately, as did his (band Apollo Run’s) spontaneous brand of indie-folk and pop-gospel…”

“The group merits far more widespread attention than it’s received thus far; how many others can fashion compelling entertainment out of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?”

“Apollo Run is a puzzle: Emo Rock? Horn-laden jam? Sweaty gospel pop? But it’s all played with impressive assuredness bolstered by John McGrew’s Buckley-ite vocal passion.”